Learning should be an interactive.  My favorite way to learn something is to take my new knowledge and translating it into some form of learning: job aids, training courses, white papers.

About me

I have been working in the IT industry since taking a job as a printer jockey in college back in 1987. After leaving the exciting world of mainframe operations, I found a love of computer networking and network management. This love took me from my home state of Texas all the way to Silicon Valley where I got a chance to consult with large enterprises on their network management needs. Through out my career I took the opportunity to create job aides and customized training for my customers.

In 1999 I decided that I wanted to spend more time at home and less in hotel rooms. I also wanted a chance to play with my tools before I was on a customer site. I was lucky enough to move into Knowledge Services and get a chance to work with product teams, support services, functional specs, and alpha or beta code.

Knowledge Services has given me the chance to take my strong technical skills and combine them with a drive to teach. Training in structured course design, project management, LCMS, and other instructional design tools has provided me the opportunity to move from just presenting information, to developing learning opportunities; though if I were to be completely honest, time and budget constraints keep me from creating the courseware that I would like. Still I love my job and hope to pass on this love to others.

Cindy Monroe
Cindy Monroe
Professional Organizations


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